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A Complete Guide To 6 Types Of Meditations For Beginners

More and more people are getting into the practice of meditation. Time after time and research article after research article, science has shown that meditation comes with a crazy amount of health benefits, including:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • helping with attention and memory loss
  • improving sleep
  • preventing chronic diseases
  • controlling pain
  • and just simply being a happier person

The thing about meditation is that absolutely ANYONE can do it. You do not need to become a monk living in the mountains of Tibet to successfully meditate. You do not need to be a yogi that attends yoga sessions every single day. ANYONE can obtain these benefits. And you can do it any time anywhere.

There’s a million different types of meditations, including more advanced and specific types, but these are the most common types which are perfect for anyone who is just starting out.

Open Monitoring Meditation

One of the most common types of open monitoring meditation is mindfulness meditation. Here, you are simply paying close attention to the thoughts and feelings that arise in your mind and body without any judgement. That’s right. Zero judgement. Do not label your thoughts as either good or bad, as they are just thoughts in your mind. Be present in the experience you are having while having those thoughts/feelings.

This type of meditation is great for:

  • Sparking creativity and improving your attention and focus capabilities. 
  • Reducing stress/anxiety and depression
  • Promoting happiness
  • Giving you a different perspective in life
  • Opening your 6th and 7th chakras

Focused Attention Meditation

Focused attention meditation is exactly what it sounds like – you are focusing your attention on one thing, specifically one of your five senses (sounds, tactile, smells). Pick something and focus on it. My favorite one to focus on is breathing, because the more you focus on your breathing, you will notice that your breathing becomes slower and deeper, which by itself helps relax your body and mind.

This one can be a little hard and frustrating for beginners, because you WILL notice that your thoughts will wander away from what you are focusing on but it is completely okay. Just acknowledge that your mind wandered and bring it back to your focus gently. You are human. And it does get easier the more you practice, so don’t beat yourself up if it feels difficult the first few times.

This type of meditation is great for:

  • Clearing the mind
  • Stress relief
  • Increasing focus

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is when you use a specific word or phrase repeatedly through your meditation. This is really effective because reciting it over and over again helps block the stressful, unwanted thoughts

You’ve seen it on TV shows where yogis chant “Ommmmm” during their meditation, and there’s a list of mantra syllables you can chant, but I like to stick with using positive self-affirmations. These are short phrases that encourage, motivate, and calm you. 

Pick a mantra that resonates with you, and then either say it outloud or in your head during meditation at every single outbreath.

This type of meditation is great for:

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is all about using feelings of love, friendship, compassion, and empathy during your mediation towards yourself and towards others. I think we can all agree that LOVE makes the world go round. Being loving and kind raises your energy, and the energy you put out into the world is the energy you receive back

Here you will focus on a loving phrase. So let’s say something like “safe, happy, healthy.” You will start with yourself and work your way to several types of people in your life.

Yourself: “May I be safe; may I be happy; may I be healthy”

Someone you absolutely love: “May he/she be safe; may he/she be happy; may he/she be healthy”

Someone who is a friend: “May he/she be safe; may he/she be happy; may he/she be healthy”

Someone you have neutral feelings for: “May he/she be safe; may he/she be happy; may he/she be healthy”

Someone you have resentment or anger towards: “May he/she be safe; may he/she be happy; may he/she be healthy” (this is the hard one but most crucial!)

Then imagine your love energy just radiating out of your body to all those people.

And repeat.

This type of meditation is great for:

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is all about focusing on one of the seven chakras in the body in order to unblock and balance the energy. Each chakra has its own characteristics and serve different purposes in our mind and body. Sometimes shit happens that ends up blocking our chakras, which then causes mental, emotional, and physical problems. Chakra meditation allows you to focus on rebalancing the chakras in our body by unblocking the ones that are being blocked.

As described in the 7 Chakras: Simplified guide, each chakra has its own color associated with it and it physically located on a specific part of the body. You will be using that information in order to do this meditation.

Identify which chakra you would like to focus on. Imagine a glowing light shining in the color that represents that chakra (ie. red for root, green for heart) in the location where it is (ie. heart for heart, tailbone for root). The light is spinning in a clockwise manner (as chakra energies are always spinning). Let each breath allow for the spinning to become more powerful and consistent. Then visualize that light radiating from that part of the body out towards the rest of the body, filling up your body with that glowing light.

I know that sounds like a whole lot of crazy spiritual shit, BUT it is really beneficial to have those visualizations and this truly does help open up your chakras, which helps you achieve your boss lady status

This type of meditation is great for:

Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is a really cool one because different sound frequencies have their own healing properties. This type of meditation is similar to the focused attention meditation, in which you will be focusing on your sense of sound throughout the process. 

The reason why sound healing works is because the frequencies emitted by the sounds stimulates brain waves, which tap you into a deep peaceful and meditative state. They help to heal and repair the body physically, since our body also vibrates at a certain frequency. Exposing yourself to healing frequencies will cause your body to vibrate at a frequency that repairs and relaxes the physical and spiritual self.

Healing Frequencies:

  • 396 Hz – heals guilt, fear, shame
  • 417 Hz – breaks bad habits
  • 528 Hz – restores DNA
  • 639 Hz – fosters forgiveness and peace
  • 741 Hz – brings self awareness
  • 952 Hz – raises your spirituality

Usually the sounds are made up of the sounds of tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, and gongs. Now, I know you most probably don’t have all of those hanging around in your house, so I like to use YouTube – just literally search “healing frequencies.”

This type of meditation is great for:

  • Relieving stress
  • Healing the body
  • Balancing your energies
  • Increasing self awareness

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