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15 Positive Affirmations For Boss Lady Mantra Meditation

How we succeed in life is driven by mindset. We need the right mindset in order to pursue and manifest all of our dreams and goals. That’s why meditation is crucial to becoming the boss lady you were meant to be. Mantra meditation, specifically, is when you use a phrase repeatedly through your meditation. This is really effective because reciting it over and over again helps block your stressful, unwanted thoughts all while also helping you feel more confident and motivated.

The practice of mantra meditation is seen across Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and many more spiritual traditions. The term mantra is coined together with the Sanskrit words “man” which means “mind” and “trai” which means “protect/free” So a mantra is meant to protect and free your mind.

Mantra meditation is actually super easy to do, and you do not need to be a master of meditation to do it effectively.

How To Do Mantra Meditation:

  • Find a comfortable position. Most people like to sit upright while meditating, but I believe that you can also lay down if that is more comfortable and relaxing for you.
  • Begin by focusing on your breath. Feel each inhale and exhale. Take 10 deep breaths and then go back to breathing without any specific force.
  • Say your mantra (either outloud or in your head) with every single outbreath. Focus on your inhale, imagining the confidence filling your body, and then release all stress/doubt/negativity with every exhale as you say your mantra.
  • Do this for at least 15 minutes.

Here are 15 short but powerful positive affirmations every boss lady should use during their meditation:

I love myself.

I am limitless.

I am enough.

I accept myself.

I am in control.

I can accomplish anything.

I deserve peace.

I will succeed.

I am growing.

I was created for greatness.

I attract success.

I choose to be happy.

I am worthy of good things.

I am strong.

I am fearless.

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